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  • Cross-platform
  • Has 25 awards to its name
  • 60,000 events and 25,000 in-play events
  • 60+ sports and 2,000+ betting markets
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Hardly any

About SBTech


SBTech was established in 2007 and, ever since, they have been gradually climbing the ladder, becoming one of the finest providers of sports betting solutions and services in regulated markets across multiple channels. While the company is officially headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man, SBTech has a strong global presence with many of their offices being scattered across the world. An excellent testament to that is the fact that they provide their services to more than 80 partners worldwide, such as the UK, Denmark, Malta, Greece, Italy, Mexico and many more.

Their innovative sports betting solution and their management services are designed to provide rapid growth for their clients and give them a competitive edge. In order to do so, SBTech provides their clients with more than 60,000 events and more than 25,000 in-play events across 60 different sports and an astounding 2,000+ betting markets. The company is licensed and regulated by numerous gaming authorities, with most notable among them being licences from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. Furthermore, as a cherry on top, SBTech boasts 25 different awards under their belt, all of which serve as a testament to their innovative and quality product.

SBTech Software


Apart from gaining access to an excellent range of different sports and betting markets, SBTech’s B2B solution comes with numerous advantages for their clients. The operators will be able to display stats and scoreboards, as well as split-screen odds from the SBTech’s custom-designed visualisation centre. Furthermore, this also allows the operators to live-stream all events that are available on the platform. However, there’s much more to SBTech’s solution as it presents the operators with even more customisation options, such as defining and controlling their own strategy with configurable and automatically adjusting payouts and limits, as well as risk and time-based controls. The clients will also be able to profit from higher-margin markets with features like point/game bets for tennis and 1 and 5 minute betting for football and basketball. In addition to that, the operators can also control payouts by managing availability and commissions at all times. In other words, SBTech’s solution is fully customisable and can be adjusted to cater to the needs of any client. When it comes to the players, they can enjoy singles and accumulator bets with partial cash out and bank my stake options. Also, another fantastic benefit for the players is the fact that you will be able to create a custom-tailored experience for each player due to the sophisticated tracking and analysis of players’ behaviour.

SBTech API Integration


The easiest and the fastest way to integrate SBTech’s solution to your platform would be through our unified API platform. The process is seamless and, before you know it, you will gain access to SBTech’s solution. What’s more, in addition to adding the sportsbook solution to your platform, you will also gain access to more than 50 other software providers and 3,000 games, all of which are also available with our unified API and which you can integrate at your leisure.

Mobile Gaming


SBTech’s software is designed with a superb user interface that supports multiple display types and guarantees an excellent user experience across the broadest range of modern-day hardware. In other words, players will be able to access and use the software regardless of their device, be it a desktop or a laptop computer, or a handheld device, such as tablets and smartphones.

Security and Fairness


In order for a sportsbook or casino software provider to operate in a regulated market, they need to conform to various laws set by the gaming authority. When it comes to SBTech in particular, among the numerous licences that they have, the company is also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, which are two of the most reputable licence issuers in the world of gaming. In other words, these licences serve as a proof ensuring that SBTech’s software is both fair and secure.

Additional information


In the choice of an online casino provider, quite some things must be considered and critically looked into to dispel existing doubts and to reaffirm the authenticity of the casino provider. Below are frequently asked questions about Betsoft:

1. Who is SBTech?

SBTech is one of the leading B2B sportsbook solution providers in the industry.

2. Is SBTech licensed?

Yes, they are licensed by the MGA and the UKGC.

3. What type of products does SBTech offer?

SBTech allows its clients to add a sportsbook solution to their platform.

4. Is SBTech’s software fair?

Yes. In order to get a licence from UKGC and the MGA, SBTech must conform to strict laws set by these gaming authorities, which means that their software is tested for safety and fairness.

5. Why integrate SBTech through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration is well-thought-out and allows you to seamlessly integrate sportsbook solutions from SBTech into your casino. The expert team at SoftGamings is responsible for overseeing operators’ daily requests, while skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. The customer support team is available and accessible round the clock.

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